About Us

Health E-Mouth is an on-line store providing a wide range of specialised dental products generally only available from Dental Healthcare professionals, alongside your everyday oral health needs from mouthwashes and gels, toothpastes and breath fresheners to a range of interdental and denture products.

Our experience and knowledge has enabled us to create a website that provides unique dental products at cost-effective rates. The product range has been developed to allow individuals and families to achieve continual high levels of good oral healthcare from home with dental grade products.

Attention to detail is a key part of our business ethos with a strong belief that a high level of customer service is not compromised because we are an on-line store. We are happy to attempt to source any specific products you may require, so please make contact with us.

You are assured that your on-line purchases will be delivered direct to your door, perfectly packaged for optimum protection and presentation.

“People before profit is my general motto in life and each customer is considered an individual not a transaction”

Malcolm Syme, Business Owner.