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Professional Strength Tartar and Stain Remover for Dentures, Partials, Retainers and Night Guards.

$7.00 each
blue®m oral foam 100mL

blue®m oral foam contains a specialised formula which helps teeth look and be their best... a great addition to your daily oral hygiene routine.*

blue®m oral foam is a rich foam, specially developed to condition gums and oral mucosa for people on-the-go – no brush or water needed – just pump, rinse and spit.

People with orthodontic appliances, such as clear aligners, night guards and protective mouth guards use the foam for a fast and easy clean of their appliance.

Denture wearers also use blue®m oral foam for a fast and easy clean of their denture/s.

Your mouth feels instantly clean and refreshed!

*Brushing your teeth, for the recommended 2 minutes, before using the oral foam gives better results.

$39.35 each
CETRON Cleaning Care Set

The CETRON® Cleaning Care Set provides you with hygienic and long lasting care and cleansing of splints, dentures, orthodontic plates, mouth guard and snoring appliances.

$52.00 each
CETRON Cleansing Powder - 5 Sachets

The CETRON® Cleansing Powder is a mild and long lasting powder for cleansing of all stainless steel, resin and elastomeric appliances.

Supplied as a packet of 5 x 15g sachets.

$29.00 each
Polident Fresh Active Express 3 Minute Denture Cleanser 36 Tablets
Out Of Stock

Polident Fresh Active Express 3 Minute Cleansing tablets give dentures a quick fresh clean.

36 Tablets

$8.99 each
Polident Whitening Cleanser 36 Tablets

Polident Whitening Cleanser is a denture cleanser specifically developed to clean stubborn stains from dentures.

36 Tablets

$8.99 each

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