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Health E-Mouth Adult Supplies - 3 Months - Variable Price*

*The price depends on what products you select.


Buy 3 months supply of your favourite oral hygiene products, making the most of your order delivery, quickly and effortlessly without needing to leave your home... saving you time! – delivered right to your door!

Supplies for one adult, bought every 3 months over a 12 months period.


Before you start – click:



Select one product or not required from each of the Drop-Down Menus below, where you can get 3 months supply of your oral health products.

Select as many different products as required from the EXTRAS!  Check Boxes - single supply.

If you need some information about the products you’re selecting, scroll down to Description for links to these.  WARNING:  if you need to review any products... please do this before you start selecting them, otherwise you will lose all your selections in the drop-down menus.


Looking for Interdental Brushes – scroll down to Description where you will find a link – do this after you have added your selections below to your Cart.


If you are here for your last quarter Top Up – click:

You top up your interdental brushes here as well.


Please Note:  Any products that are available in different colours will be selected randomly when your order is placed, unless there is an option to choose.

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