Dental Floss Aids

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Support your smile with Complete Clean Ultra Strong Easy Reach Floss Picks

  • Remove Food
  • Reduce Tooth Decay
  • Remove Plaque
  • Fight Bad Breath
  • Advanced Fluoride Coating Ultra Strong Floss
  • Bristled Pick
  • Ideal for Back Teeth

Packet of 75 Floss Picks

$10.00 each

DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Pick's silky floss tape is gentle on teeth and gums while comfortably removing food and plaque.

Packet of 30 Floss Picks.

$5.00 each

Convenient on-the-go flossing with Fluoride and Vitamin E.

Fresh Mint Flavour.

Recommended by Dental Professionals.

Bag of 30 Easy-Flossers with a Free Case.

$8.75 each

The mini flosser has a specially designed bite plane which enables easy access to narrow interdental spaces.

Packet of 36 Mini Flossers.

$12.80 each

Self-dispensing handle with comfort grips makes flossing easy!

$18.50 each

Angled design allows for easy access to back teeth.

$17.00 each

The PRACTICON Floss-Hand makes flossing as simple as brushing.

Floss more effectively and more frequently.

3 colours available.

$4.50 each

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