Dental Floss Aids

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Support your smile with Complete Clean Ultra Strong Easy Reach Floss Picks

  • Remove Food
  • Reduce Tooth Decay
  • Remove Plaque
  • Fight Bad Breath
  • Advanced Fluoride Coating Ultra Strong Floss
  • Bristled Pick
  • Ideal for Back Teeth

Packet of 75 Floss Picks

$10.00 each

DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Pick's silky floss tape is gentle on teeth and gums while comfortably removing food and plaque.

Packet of 30 Floss Picks.

Colour may change without notice.

$5.00 each

Convenient on-the-go flossing with Fluoride and Vitamin E.

Fresh Mint Flavour.

Recommended by Dental Professionals.

Bag of 30 Easy-Flossers with a Free Case.

$8.75 each

The mini flosser has a specially designed bite plane which enables easy access to narrow interdental spaces.

Packet of 36 Mini Flossers.

$12.80 each

Self-dispensing handle with comfort grips makes flossing easy!

3 Different colours available – selection is made randomly when order is placed.

250 Uses.

$18.50 each

Angled design allows for easy access to back teeth.

$17.00 each

The PRACTICON Floss-Hand makes flossing as simple as brushing.

Floss more effectively and more frequently.

3 colours available - selection is made randomly when order is placed.

$4.50 each

DenTek® Floss Threaders make flossing around braces and dental work a breeze.

Takes the difficulty out of cleaning around bridges, braces, and implants.

$10.00 each
waterpulse Cordless Flosser

Give each of your teeth a spa and a 360⁰ gum massage with the waterpulse Cordless Flosser

  • Strong gums
  • Prevention of gingival recession
  • Promote blood circulation



$249.00 each
CareDent Kid’s EeziFlossers
Available Soon!

CareDent Kids EeziFlossers are packed with four colourful fun sea creature designs in blue green orange yellow to build interest and engagement.

CareDent Kids EeziFlossers make cleaning between the teeth easy, fun, and motivating for children ages 6+.

Bag of 16 flossers

$4.60 each

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