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Using a tongue cleaner helps to prevent bad breath and to improve oral health by removing bacteria from the tongue.

The TePe GOOD™ Tongue Cleaner is part of the unique TePe GOOD™ range made from bio-based plastic – without compromising on product quality, efficiency or design.

$12.99 each

The Gum Tongue Cleaner is designed for maximum cleaning with two rows of bristles and scrapers. One side features two rows of bristles for brushing. The other side features two rows of scrapers for scraping.

Available in other colours – selection is made randomly when the order is placed.

Professionally recommended to fight bad breath!

$10.50 each

You may be the last to know that you have bad breath. A simple cleaning of your tongue—as part of your daily oral hygiene—will remove odour-causing compounds and help build your breath confidence.

$7.85 each

Effectively treats halitosis. Multi-tier cleaning ridges enhance the removal of surface plaque and odour causing bacteria.

Assorted colours - selection is made randomly when order is placed.

$3.50 each

Removes plaque from the tongue which causes: BAD BREATH, TOOTH DECAY and GUM DISEASE.

$8.40 each

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